The Centre for Renewable Energy (CRE) was established in August 2008 as a one stop centre for research and development in renewable energy and upgraded as a Research Centre of Excellence (CoE) in UNITEN on 21 March 2012. Starting 1st September 2016 CRE formally institutionalized as a Institute of Sustainable Energy (ISE).

The core of ISE's strategic direction is on research and development programmes mainly in renewable energy such as bio-diesel, co-combustion, studies micro-hydro, photochemical cells, hybrid energy harvesting system, fuel additives for diesel engines, catalyst for biodiesel reactor, enzymatic reaction for bio-fuels, biogas from waste materials, bio-hydrogen for fuel cell and automotive application, and solid bio-fuel briquette from oil palm mill solid wastes.


Global leader in renewable energy (RE) research and innovation.


We strive to undertake niche area research development and innovation in renewable energy (RE) with strategic alliances to serve society.


Institute of Sustainable Energy (ISE) has established core strength through continuous, innovative and excellence research achievements. The project areas include:

  • Bio-diesel
  • Co-combustion
  • Studies micro-hydro
  • Photochemical cells
  • Hybrid energy harvesting system
  • Fuel additives for diesel engines
  • Catalyst for biodiesel reactor
  • Enzymatic reaction for bio-fuels
  • Biogas from waste materials
  • Bio-hydrogen for fuel cell and automotive application and
  • Solid bio-fuel briquette from oil palm mill solid wastes.

ISE has established its core strength through continuous, innovative and excellent research achievements.

ISE provides a sustainable platform for strategic partnerships between the authority, industry and academia into greater achievements in national renewable energy development with the vision to be the leading centre of excellence and regional knowledge hub in renewable energy.

ISE is committed to the advancement of renewable energy sciences and engineering through dedicated research and development programs, the development of technologies and practical applications, and transfers knowledge and innovations with strong links to industry.

ISE also has an important role in the UNITEN Green Campus initiative. ISE has produced biodiesel from the process developed by the biodiesel research group for Diesel-B5 (Diesel with 5% Biodiesel) utilisation in the UNITEN transportation fleet. The Biodiesel produced are from waste cooking oil collected from all restaurants and food-courts within the UNITEN campus and from UNITEN staff.

ISE have over 30 completed projects and 9 on-going projects which are mainly funded by UNITEN, TNB, AAIBE, MoHE and MoSTI. CRE has made collaborations with various international organizations such as University of Leeds (UK), Cardiff University (UK), Aachen University of Applied Science (Germany), McGill University (Canada), The Energy and Resources Institute (India) and University of South Wales (UK). ISE is also the host for the Malaysian branch of the Energy institute (UK).